@runner_vr features a deliberate classic aesthetic, driven by themes such as lo-fi and cassette futurism and inspired by anime such as Akira, Ghost in the Shell, Patlabor and more. and we’ve only shown a fraction of the encounters and environments that you will be traversing. pic.twitter.com/AAi6ETbHfe— Truant Pixel(@TruantPixel) April 5, 2021 デベロッパーTruant Pixelは、サイバーパンク風味のVRドライビングアクションゲーム新作『RUNNER』を発表しました。本作は「攻殻機動隊」や「AKIRA」、「パトレイバー」といった80年代〜90年代のアニメの影響を受けたビジュアルスタイルを特色とした作品。鉱山コロニーの首都を舞台に、知恵とサイバネティクス、ユニークな特殊能力を備えた主人公Minaが、高速道をバイクで駆け抜けながら執拗に追ってくるドローン軍団と戦いを繰り広げます。The next page is but an introduction to the multitude of enemy classes you'll encounter in the game. This is honestly just a fraction of the types you'll encounter, and each requires a unique strategy to defeat! more on that later! 7/12#indiedev #IndieGameDev pic.twitter.com/suYLCCxcx9— RUNNER (@runner_vr) April 6, 2021 The next page offers a sneak peek at the bike customization options, from paint to lighting to your dashboard interface color - and if you squint you can see part of the selection of rides that will eventually be at your disposal, each with its own unique handling and more! 9/12 pic.twitter.com/AdB7hVOa3M— RUNNER (@runner_vr) April 6, 2021 Next, a quick look at a small section of RUNNER's map, -- though the trailer focused on the downtown area, each stage has a totally unique aesthetic, with themed enemies and other challenges meant to give players the sense of a vast world around them. 11/12 pic.twitter.com/NjO8iscbgK— RUNNER (@runner_vr) April 6, 2021 それぞれ特徴を持つ多様なバイクをアンロックしたりペイントでカスタマイズも可能な『RUNNER』は、PS5向け次世代PS VRやPC向けVRを対象にリリース予定です。