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Let’s talk new order shipping times and updates. As you all know, our industry has exploded due to COVID and riding bikes is at an all time high. While this is great for the environment and our community, it has impacted our manufacturing process and customer service team. As a result, we are sold out and backlogged. ⚡️ What this means: When we launched these bikes, we never could have imagined the support we’ve received. Due to demand, and much like other bike companies, we are sold out on all summer inventory initially slated to be available. Our community has grown 10 fold and we are so grateful to everyone choosing to ride with us. This means that bikes like the R and S series will not be in stock for the foreseeable future. If you want a bike, you have to get in the queue by preordering. This assures that you will receive your bike far faster than you would if you waited until the site says “in stock.” This doesn’t affect current preorders⚡️ Customer Service: We’re so grateful to have the customer service team we have. As a small company, we’ve had a team of 5 working around the clock to get questions answered and riders taken care of. They’re super stars and until recently, they have been amazing at getting customers responses within 48 hours. Unfortunately we’ve been overrun with inquiries due to COVID and pre-order waits. Let me be completely honest with our community. We receive 5,000-7,000 inquiries a week. Our team spends every working minute getting responses out and it still isn’t enough. We are doubling the team size this week and are going to do everything in our power to get things under control and make sure our community gets the answers they want. They are only human and doing the very best they can. Related: if you want a job as a customer service team member, send your resumé. We apologize for dropping the ball and want you all to know that we are working on correcting this. ⚡️ I want to end this by thanking you for your support. Because of you, we’re a company that grew during this past season. We haven’t had to let anyone go and our team is growing and expanding rapidly. Thank you and know that bikes WILL ship soon

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The Super73-RX makes us all smile this big @leocabal #super73 #ebike #super73rx

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Our newest Shred-it Edit is now live on YouTube! Tune in each week to keep up with all things Super73, get more information on our bikes, and of course, get your weekly dose of riding footage! #super73 #ebike

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ちなみにですが、エンジン部分に何もないEVモペッドは、以前にもHUCK CYCLEが作るモデルがありました。この「SUPER73」も、乗り物に詳しくない人が見たらビックリするでしょうね。

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